Bill import overview

Import multiple utility bills with bill import. All bills from your import file can be stored in a single batch.

Track, manage, and report on imported bills with a batch.

Importing bills varies from simple to complex depending on the granularity of information.

How to import bills

Two methods for importing bills:

Bill import log details

The Bill Import Log screen provides:

Service effective dates for accounts


To import a bill, the begin and end dates for the bill must fall on or within the service effective dates of the account.

For example, service effective dates for an account of 6/24/19 to 7/25/19 produce the following results during bill import.

Bill dates Successfully imported?
7/26/19 - 8/26/19 NO
7/20/19 - 8/26/19 NO
6/24/19 - 7/20/19 YES
6/23/19 - 7/20/19 NO


Manual entry

If you try to manually enter a bill outside of the service dates a yellow banner is displayed stating that your bill is outside the specified date range.

warning message

Effective date for linked account meter


During the bill import process the effective date for the linked account meter relationship does not prevent a bill from being imported.

Manual entry

If you attempt to manually enter a bill outside of the effective date for the linked account meter, only account-level charges can be entered.


A report for user roles and their permissions is available for download on the Users screen.

Custom user roles are created by administrators.