Vendor and rates module overview

The Vendors and Rates module contains vendors and their associated rates grouped into a familiar tree structure.

Vendors provide utility service to meters. Vendors are associated with accounts and are represented by a unique code for accurate reporting.

 Rate schedules are assigned per commodity/vendor.

Vendor hierarchy

Two types of vendors

Vendors and rates module menu



Custom Fields for Vendors

The custom fields option lets your add or maintain attributes. Once custom fields are created, values can be updated one at a time in the application or through a setup spreadsheet.


This selection determines how your vendors and rates are displayed.

List by Vendor

vendors and rate tree

List by Commodity

vendors and rates tree

View your tree objects by their name, code, or both the name and code.

This controls the tree view.

Display Name

vendor and rates tree

Display Code

vendors and rates tree

Display Name [Code]

 vendors and rates tree

Display Code [Name]

  vendors and rates tree

Delete a vendor

You can only delete a vendor in the List by Vendor view.

Create a vendor

Vendors can be:


A report for user roles and their permissions is available for download on the Users screen.

Custom user roles are created by administrators.