Bill list actions

View and take actions on bills with filtered bill lists. The following actions are available in a bill list.
  1. View Bills
  2. Flag Bills
  3. Delete Selected Bills
  4. Move Bills between Accounts
  5. Set Status
  6. Hold, Release, and Approve selected bills for accounting export
  7. Download

A user without the appropriate permissions does not see all the available options.

Bill list

Bill List explanations

Bill status tag

Bill status flags

Bill list notifications

A banner displays the number of bills processed Bill list notification

Bill list notification

View bill details

1. View Bill actions:

2. View Generated PDF. Download of an EnergyCAP generated pdf bill.

3. View Scanned. If available, a scanned image of the vendor bill is displayed.

View Bill Icons

Delete bills

In some cases, it is recommended to void bills rather than delete.

  • Provides an audit trail allowing you to reference who created/edited the bill and original values.
  • Allows you to compare the original bill to the corrected bill.
  • Can recover the bills if needed.
  • View billing history when a vendor sends corrected bills.
  1. Select bills.
  2. Select Delete Selected Bills.