Cost center overview

Cost centers are folders or collections of accounts. Each cost center can contain one or more accounts.

You can nest cost centers to match your organization's financial structure.

Restrict a user's access by assigning them one or more topmost cost centers. The user can't access anything above these selected cost centers.

You cannot edit your topmost place, cost center, or building.

For example, if your topmost place is Government, you can't change any of the properties for the Government cost center.

account tree

Creating a hierarchy lets you quickly view subtotaled use, cost, and trends.


You can download popular configured reports without leaving the Accounts module.

The filters used to create the report are listed on the last report page and set for you when you use Configure Advanced Options.

Create a cost center


A report of user roles and their permissions is available for download on the Users and Roles page.

Custom user roles are created by administrators.