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Customize your experience by setting your display preferences.

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Display preferences options

  1. Primary Display: This shows either the code or name when there's room to only show one. You see either the name or code displayed in places like the tree, filters, reports, and widgets.

    The Accounts option is for both accounts and cost centers.
    Display preferences do not affect building, account, and vendor trees. Instead use the respective module menu where you can choose to show name, code, or both.


  2. Language: Set your preferred language.
  3. Date Format: Choose your preferred format from the drop-down.
  4. Time Zone: Choose your preferred time zone. Times are stored in UTC regardless of your timezone you select.
  5. Time format: Choose 12 or 24 hour format.
  6. List Page Size: Number of bills displayed per page.
  7. Trend Charts: Number of years to include in Savings Trend charts (Cost Avoidance).

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