Accounts module overview

The Accounts module contains accounts and cost centers grouped into a familiar tree structure. Finance or Accounting often use the Accounts module to review costs.

Create your accounts and cost center hierarchy

Cost centers group accounts and can mirror the buildings and meters tree or your organization's financial structure. You can create multiple levels by adding cost centers under cost centers.

Nested cost centers let you quickly view subtotaled use, cost, and trends at different levels.

Types of accounts

Accounts can be vendor accounts or internal chargeback accounts.

Example accounts hierarchy

Accounts Module


Powerviews are the charts and graphs you see throughout UtilityManagement.

  • For most charts you can download an image and the data that makes up the chart.
  • It's easy to see the applied filters and know what data is included in the chart.
  • A popover description next to the tile explains the chart.
  • Date ranges in the footer make it easy to know what data is included in the chart.

Accounts module menu

Module menu for accounts

Module menu information


Accounting Manage fiscal year settings, calendarization method, and Accounting period names.

General Ledger Subcodes

Edit the label and subcode type.

Custom Fields for Accounts

Edit and create custom fields.

View your objects by their name, code, or both the name and code. The tree is listed in alphabetical order, each option lists the objects in a different order.

This controls the tree view.

Display Name


Display Number


Display Name [Number]


Display Number [Name]



Show Inactive Accounts

Show or hide inactive accounts.

You can hide the Accounts module from view by updating the role permissions.  Only certain user roles can edit and manage accounts and cost centers.


A report of user roles and their permissions is available for download on the Users and Roles page.

Custom user roles are created by administrators.