January 2024 release notes

Published January 24, 2024

The January 2024 UtilityManagement release includes a budget feature, updated widgets, and reports.


With the January 2024 release you can forecast your utility budget for a fiscal year based on historical use and costs.

Easily make adjustments per building or by meter and month.

  • For buildings you can quickly adjust for any expected changes in floor area, weather, use, and rates.
  • You can work on your budget from the bottom up—meter and month—or from the top down by recalculating use or unit cost.

View your actual performance compared to the budget with Powerviews, dashboard widgets, and Report-05.

You can make multiple versions of your budget to try out different scenarios or make mid year adjustments.

Budgets requires a subscription to the budget feature.

New filters for the Setup Spreadsheet Log

Setup spreadsheets save time and let you create or update multiple items at one time. You can manage your spreadsheets with the Setup Spreadsheet Log.

Filters have been added to help you quickly find an update or create spreadsheet.

Updated widgets

With this release we've updated two dashboard widgets.

Cost Avoidance Trend

This widget is a line chart of monthly data across the years showing Cost Avoidance results. Use the widget menu to edit the filters or manage the widget. You can expand the view to see details and copy the data that makes up the chart.

Tree Map

The tree map is a data diagram in the form of nested rectangles, the area of each rectangle corresponds to its numerical value.

This updated widget provides you with the same widget options as mentioned above.

Meter custom fields update spreadsheet

It's now easier to make updates to the custom fields on your meters because you can select to download only your active (or inactive) meters.

Updates to Report-11 Bill Transfer Format

With this report you can export detailed bill data to an Excel file.

When you add Include Quick Check Columns to Report-11 you get statement date, invoice number, and control code columns plus several more columns.