September 2023 Release Notes

Introducing EnergyCAP UtilityManagement

We've changed our name but we're still the same great product! EnergyCAP™ has grown and expanded beyond a single product and now EnergyCAP has a suite of products to help meet your different needs.

The EnergyCAP suite of products combines together to provide a robust energy and sustainability ERP. With these changes, EnergyCAP software has been renamed to EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™. We've also expanded the capabilities of EnergyCAP CarbonHub™ and moved it to a separate application. And our recent software acquisition, Wattics, has been renamed to EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™.

CarbonHub is now a separate application

Your emissions data under the CarbonHub tab has been moved to a separate application with new and improved functionality. Read more in the September 2023 release notes.

Existing CarbonHub customers

  • Emissions sources were automatically created for you.
    • Any EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ meters that had GHG settings applied have automatically been created (and linked) as emissions sources and any bills have been created as records.
    • UtilityManagement and CarbonHub are integrated, which means your billing data automatically is converted to emissions data. No need for double entry! Even though the applications work together, each application's hierarchy can be configured separately to ensure easy and accurate reporting in both applications.
  • Greenhouse gas data is now available on the Calendarized tab.

Emissions data available in UtilityManagement is only from meters that are linked to emissions sources. CarbonHub provides a complete view of all your emissions data.

Reports module

The reports module has moved! Because dashboards and report are shared between the two applications we've placed them together at the top of the module bar.

Custom commodities

A meter tracks commodities like electricity. These tracked commodities are assigned to a meter when it is created. While EnergyCAP always provided a robust set of commodities to use with this update you can create your own. The Commodities and Units page lists all system and custom commodity types.

Create commodities

When you add a new commodity, select the rollup unit for the commodity, select a custom icon, and decide if the commodity should be converted to energy.

Rollup unit

The rollup unit is the common use unit for reporting. You can select an existing unit or create a new one with a spreadsheet.

Create custom units and manage advanced conversions

Do you need a custom unit that doesn't exist in UtilityManagement? You can use spreadsheets to create custom units and manage advanced conversions.

Custom units

When you need to create a custom unit you can use a spreadsheet to manage the details. Add the new unit name and code, select the unit category, and enter the multiplier to the primary unit of the selected category.

Advanced conversions

Advanced conversions let you convert from one unit category of a commodity to another unit category. Or from one commodity to another. For example, CCF to Therm of natural gas. You can add advanced conversions with a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet has several important sections.

  • FROM - in this section enter or create the commodity you want to convert.
  • TO - select the commodity you want to convert to.
  • MULTIPLIER - enter the multiplier information for this conversion.
  • Advanced conversions are date effective.

Updated conversions

We updated and corrected several of our built-in conversions factor. As a result, some of your summarized usage numbers may have changes. A list of each conversion factor and the variance between the old factor is listed below. You can used the advanced conversions spreadsheet to adjust those factors if needed.

From To Original
Corrected Multiplier % difference
Commodity Unit Commodity Unit
Coal 1 TON Energy 1 MMBTU 24 20.745 -13.56
Kerosene 1 GAL Energy 1 MMBTU 0.134 0.135 0.75
Natural Gas 1 THERM Natural Gas 1 MCF 0.097087 0.096525 -0.58
Natural Gas 1 CFDAY Natural Gas 1 THERMDAY 1.03 0.01036 -98.99
Natural Gas 1 MCF Energy 1 MMBTU 1.03 1.036 0.58
Oil #4 1 GAL Energy 1 MMBTU 0.144503 0.146 1.04
Oil #6 1 GAL Energy 1 MMBTU 0.14969 0.150 0.21
Propane 1 GAL Energy 1 MMBTU 0.0915 0.092 0.55
Steam 1 MLB Energy 1 MMBTU 1.15 1.194 3.83
Wood 1 TON Energy 1 MMBTU 16 15.35 -3.88

Also, as part of the updates and improvements to units conversions, calculations are being run in the background across all of your billing data. You may see minor changes to your usage data in summary charts as a result. This process will be complete by September 23rd.

New Help Center page

We've updated the Help Center and now have a dedicated site for UtilityManagement and CarbonHub help pages.